About Us

Trust your hearing to the experts!

Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor has helped thousands of customers find the hearing aid that’s just right for them. Some customers have never tried hearing aids before and others have tried just about everything... either way Keith has the answers they need. With over 23 years experience he’s seen just about everything. Plus, he’s always paying attention to the latest development in hearing aid technology. He is a certified Hearing Specialist and has been licensed in Illinois since 1989.

Mary Kay Soesbe

Mary Kay Soesbe has been assisting folks with their hearing needs for over 10 years. Ask her any question about hearing aids, the latest technology, and her favorite hearing aid brands. You'll discover it's like talking with a friend... that is, a friend who knows everything you need to know about hearing aids! And, maybe just as important, if your hearing aid isn't in tip-top shape then let her take a look. Chances are she can help.

Ed Nelson

Ed Nelson is an Illinois licensed hearing aid dispenser and has been with Hearing Help Express since 2002. Ed developed our advanced hearing aid verification tecnhiques that enable us to program your hearing aids to optimal performance levels. Many of Ed's clients are amazed at how well they hear after Ed programs their hearing aids.